\\-ˌman, -aa(ə)n\ noun (plural deadmen)
Etymology: Middle English deedman, from deed dead + man
1. : corpse — now used as one word in place names only

Deadman's Bay

2. : a buried log serving as an anchor (as for a guy rope) : anchor log; also : a stout timber or log used as an anchorage (as for a boom)
3. : a support that resembles a crutch and is used to hold a pole temporarily while it is being erected or lowered and so permit the workmen to take a fresh grip on the pole
4. : a fallen tree on the shore
5. deadmen plural, obsolete : reef or gasket ends carelessly left dangling under the yard when the sail is furled
6. or deadman control : a device (as a brake) for controlling a vehicle or machine in case the operator becomes incapacitated

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